Are you worried about your future, your career or how to finance your studies? We offer bursaries for full-time studies and part-time studies. Come and visit us and please feel free to bring your parents along, whether you are a scholar or a student.

“We have often been told by young people entering our offices, that there is a vibe, a buzz that they like. We do not always understand what they mean. We guess that it is probably a way of doing business, a way of living that we are so used to and that is so deeply founded that we are not always aware of it anymore. Welcome to SGA. Please come and enjoy the vibe, but even more importantly, become part of the vibe and extend the vibe.”

We are one of the few large audit firms that still offer the part-time route for qualifying as a Chartered Accountant (CA) or Professional Accountant (NIPA). This route entails studying after hours while having a full-time job. Full time studies are expensive and we find that part-time studies continue to offer a solid financial leeway. The practical experience and theoretical studies complement one another immensely.

Don’t you want to be surrounded by young, dynamic, but balanced people who have been in your shoes and who push you to do your best? Our spirit makes laughter part of our daily routine, ensuring a humble and uplifting working environment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us now to ensure that you get access to “our vibe”.

To be considered for our exciting bursaries and/or part-time studies, submit your CV with the relevant documentation and qualifications to applications@sga-na.com.